The Difference Between Jazz Dancing and Ballet

Jazz dancing is an art and performance that evolved in the jazz music era in the late twentieth century. Jazz dancing incorporates all forms of dance, from ballet to hip hop to break dance and everything in between. The two major forms of jazz dancing are flamenco dancing and tango dancing.

All About Jazz Dancing

You need to have quick turns, big leaps and strong arm action if you want to learn jazz dance shoes. You should also be flexible, energetic and hard working. For example, if you are learning Latin dances like the samba, you need to be able to quick turn, have strong leaps and be flexible. If you are learning ballet steps for example, you need to have quick turns and be flexible.

Jazz dancing includes many popular styles such as ballet, tap, German, flamenco, Latin and even jazz pop. You can take dance lessons in a class, get an online video or watch a number of instructional videos on the internet. You can buy a dance DVD or enroll in a dancing course at a dance school. There are also books available on the subject. This book will help you understand the basic steps in addition to practicing various styles.