Types of Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

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There are several different types of open face motorcycle helmets available on the market. These include the Heroine Racer, Classic, and Hedonist. The open face models come in gloss, matte, and a leather trip, as well as super soft lining. They are all legal in all states of Australia. For extra comfort, many of them have aerodynamic aids built in, as well as clip-on sun visors.

Open Face Helmets Made Exclusively For Women

The Hedon 92 is a high-quality, low-profile open face helmet. It is lightweight and only weighs 800gm. It’s also one of the few open face helmets made exclusively for women. The Hedonist is lined with luxurious calf-leather and has copper or brass nameplates. It’s available online for a three-to-five-day delivery window.

Another type of open-face helmet is the modular, which has a removable front piece that flips up. This design is convenient for talking and taking a drink without removing the helmet. The downside of open-face helmets is that the visor may obstruct your peripheral vision, which can make you more susceptible to cold-related problems. However, these helmets offer the same protection as full-face helmets without compromising their aesthetic appeal.