Best home inspectors Wilmington NC – How to Choose the Right Home Inspector

Best home inspectors Wilmington NC must adhere to certain standards that must be followed in order to be licensed by HUD and be allowed to perform home inspections. These standards, as listed in the Federal Home Loan Inspections Act, are in the interest of both buyer and seller. They protect buyers from unscrupulous sellers, protect sellers from fraudulent sellers, protect the general public from home builders and realtors that don’t adhere to the laws of their states and the United States, and prevent fraud and dishonesty in the construction industry.

Best home inspectors Wilmington NC – Myths about a Home Inspector

Home inspectors are required by law to give a report on a house to any potential buyer at closing. The report is supposed to include a detailed description of all defects in the house. These defects may include structural, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and insulation problems. The report should also contain photographs of any damage that occurred that was caused by the seller, the inspector, the seller’s agents, the buyer or both.

A report is not required to be published or sold when the inspector gives an inspection report to a seller. It is always the responsibility of the seller to share the report with anyone other than the buyer at closing. Any changes made after the closing are allowed and accepted provided the changes are based on the information and findings in the report.

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