Product Review – The Bait Board Speed Pro

bait board

Product Overview: The ScottyPendix Bait Board is your ultimate multi-use workspace for your rod, reel and tackle setup needs. Ideal for tying flies, casting, retrieving and floating bait, this multi-functional bait board is an indispensable part of any fishing tackle box. With an incredibly compact design, the Bait Board allows you quick access to all your setup elements while minimizing clutter and interfering with your fishing line. The Bait Board also features an easily readable and detailed inventory system that makes it easy to quickly find the parts you need for each setup.

Product Review – The Bait Board Speed Pro

I’ve fished from boats, trailers, flats, ponds, lakes and out in the open for many years, and have always had a need for an easy way to quickly mount the bait boards on my boat without disrupting my line. The invention of the Bait Board changed my fishing routine forever, enabling me to quickly mount the boards on any flat surface, and at a moment’s notice, detach them to allow better access to my bait and gear. No more thumbing through multiple tackle boxes or worrying about whether the right rail mount rail attachment is available for your tackle box. The Bait Board also features a unique ratcheting action that enables quick changes from flat to hook, and easily adjusts itself to fit most rod and reel sets.

Product Review: Here’s one accessory review that everyone should read – The Bait Board Mega Squid is the world’s largest angling and fishing accessory. At almost 50 inches long, the Squid is an absolutely perfect spotter. The Bait Board extenders allow you to quickly and easily relocate the boards between locations without wasting valuable time, money, or energy. The Squid also has ratchets that let you easily adjust the boards to cover different fishing situations so you can go after the big one or go after the medium size fish on the lake. With a universal post base, to fit any of our Basic Bait Board attachments, you can speed through the pre-fishing prep work, spend more time fighting the fish, and then quickly and easily relocate the boards between locations, while maintaining the unique Bait Board style of ratcheting action.

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