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roof safety rail brisbane

Road safety rail Brisbane – The issue of roof safety has been highlighted at a local council meeting in Brisbane where residents were allowed to question the integrity of a proposed roof safety rail. The main argument brought up was that the material used was not tough enough to prevent collapse and the risk of a faulty seal around the edges of the roof. The concern was that the road bed where the rail was going to be laid would act as a barrier between the road and the home and would block off the view of the home from the road. Many residents spoke of how upsetting it would be if they lost their possessions in the event of a roof collapse.

It was noted at the meeting that there is currently an appeal up for one of the proposals to have a roof safety railing fitted onto the roofs of high-rise residential buildings. The appeal is for a five-year solution to the problem. The idea is to have the material used on the roof of the building designed to break the stresses that are put upon roofing materials when they are placed on the roof. If the material cannot cope with the stresses, the roof will collapse. There is also a requirement for the material to have a high R-value which is an indication of the structural quality of the material.

The main issues that were raised at the Brisbane meeting were the number of lives that could be saved if the roof safety rail for commercial buildings was implemented as planned. The Queensland Government has committed itself to protecting the lives of those living or working in the buildings that have these types of railings in place. A nationwide rail campaign is also in place to promote the use of roof safety railing. Brisbane residents are urged to voice their opinion at planning stages for future developments so that these types of railings can be properly installed and continue to provide safe protection to residents.

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