What Influences Your Teaching As a Certified Birth Educator?

Education Australia Group

In Education Australia Group discussion, the first question posed was “what influences your teaching.” The group is made up of people with diverse backgrounds and educational experiences, but at the core they share the belief that the LLCCE (Learning Lossless Core Certificate) is the best program for working mothers. So, the question posed was “what influences your teaching?” Many people agreed that they were always motivated by their own passion to teach, but some others felt that there was an overall theme that influenced their approach: they were influenced by a desire to stay fresh and keep their skills sharp regardless of whether they landed a job or not. Others mentioned the social aspect of teaching as well as the desire to make a difference in other people’s lives. See post

What Is What Influences Your Teaching As A Certified Birth Educator? And How Does It Work?

So, the next question posed was “what is your teaching style?” Again, everyone was surprised by the answer, which was varied but included incorporating a variety of learning styles. It is important to be able to communicate effectively, relate well with students, encourage learning, foster learning, and give students the feedback they need to succeed. There are many different approaches to curriculum and classroom design, so you can keep reading to find out what is right for you. What is important is to learn what influences your teaching style.

The third question posed was “how many years have you been a childbirth educator?” This question is a little more specific because it asks whether or not you have been certified. Certification is an indication that your approach is based on recognized, scientifically-proven methods. You may want to keep learning more about the Education Australia Group as this particular group offers certification to its members.

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